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07:35pm 15/01/2006

its that time again, hw time! aka me no wanna do it >.< last week was hell. from sunday to thursday i got a total of 4hrs of sleep cuz i just plain had that much work to do. i really shouldnt have slept till this tuesday but i crashed and gave up and went to bed. so now i'm missing an essay, a quiz, and a midterm cuz i couldnt be bothered doing it anymore. yay i'm fked for this quarter! the goal is that i can still hand in the stuff at a penalty but we'll see how nice my prof's r. so once i burnt out i been doing nothing but sleeping and playing world of warcraft. that made me happy. guess i should be doing next weeks work at least or start making up work for last week =(

on a happier note (well to me at least =p) me n tori have a daughter =D

raar ^_^ our chubby lil tanikka <3

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01:52pm 10/10/2005
  hmm i'm at work and feeling lazy cuz my supervisor aint around... man am i a slacker XD ah well i suppose i'll get over it *nods* so yeah, i woke up early today, taht kinda sucked since i was ignoring hw *ahem* i mean doing hw till like 1:30am just to find out the professor accidentally locked the submission box too early. piffles. it was his mistake tho and he gave us till wednesday now to do it after we all bombarded his inbox with wtf!?!'s.

drove eric around on a bunch of errands to try n get his new car today and found out it was columbus day and that all the banks and the dmv was closed >.< so no car for him today and i dont have time to do it tomorrow. mmm more difficulties. yummy. damn holidays that we know nothing about since retarded ass rit doesnt believe in getting holidays off. yay for having class and work. mmm since im helping eric pay for his car this closing of the banks on my free morning causes a few difficulties like the fact that i cant take the money out that he needs. the guy he's buying it from wont accept my personal check cuz its out of state so he wants a bank check from a local bank since it'll go through immediately. this means getting cash out of my bank account and depositing it into eric's account so we can get a bank check from his bank. y cash? because it'll go through same day rather than in 2 days. y r we going through all this.... we'll its a really long story full of trying to avoid extra fees and charges and trying to get his car asap cuz he really really needed it like a month ago. trust me, we're doing it the best way we can >.< anyway, with the bank being closed i had to do atm withdrawls which means theres a cap on how much u can take out in a day. we got $700 today and hopfully it'll reset at like midnight or somehting and i can take out more then. if all goes according to our scheming eric should have his car by tomorrow. if it doesnt go according to plan then hopfully by wednesday. hmm this entry is getting long for me so i should probably stop b4 it turns into rambling...
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07:29pm 03/10/2005
  whoa another update... must be cuz i should be studying XD err.. midterms going well but i got an early acedemic alert for one class cuz i havent been doing my hw or participating in class discussions n stuff. i had been hoping to squeak by with just good test grades like i usually do but alas i have failed *cries* and in other news, i am a lazy bum... thats all for now =p  
01:11pm 02/10/2005

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01:00pm 02/10/2005
  mmm midterms... yummy... zzzzzzz  
squeeee ^_^   
05:13pm 06/09/2005

umm so today makes 2 months with my girl tori ^_^ squeeeeeee!!!!!

i love this girl <33333333

in other news, started classes this week. so i went n bought my textbooks today and every class i was in had like 5 books. it was freaking insaaaaane!!!!! i coulndt even carry em all >.< $600 for like half my books -_- i gotta check in later this week to see if the rest of em comes in cuz they were like out. this is more expensive than freshman year T.T so sad, sigh...

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highlights from wednesday night   
09:12pm 07/07/2005
  so wednesday night me n jessica go to the staind/3 doors down/breaking benjamin concert. it was gooooood /hungry
<3 staind <3

unfortuanately it was storming b4 the concert and we got drenched it was so cold with the ac >.< but it got warmer when the mash pits started up

top 5 moments from the concert:

5. security guard upon walking into the arena "we dont even need to search anyone with all this rain. u can see everything they got /gg"

4. crowd surfing pooh bear - yes someone was dressed up as pooh bear we dont know y XD

3. aaron (lead singer of staind), after a few songs going "i hope i didnt offend anyone with my fatness, i smoke a lot of weed so i get the munchies."

2. aaron in the middle of the song singing "its been a while since i said FUCK OFF!!" instead of "its been a while since i said i'm sorry"

1. staind.

top 3 wtf moments:

1. lead singer of 3 doors down coming out sounding like a country hick

2. water costing $3.75 a cup ($5.08 aud)

3. getting soaked and freezing off ass
02:03pm 27/06/2005
  boss on vacation this week = me goofing off (goofing off meaning i'm leaving work after only 8hrs instead of 14 XD)

umm so.... whos free? 21 or fake id preferable ^_^ j/k
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01:52pm 27/06/2005
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04:31pm 15/04/2005
  =O my job is awsome. free tickets to the mets game this sunday ^_^  
03:27pm 15/04/2005

man i havent posted in a while... well, i'm back in the city for my co-op (internship) till end of august. i work for kiewit, a construction company based out of jersey. they treat me well for an intern, i do business travel all the time. i get to go to chicago n baltimore. going ot florida in 2 weeks. most of the time i'm up in new london, ct at the navy base where my company is doinf some work on the navy dry docks. nuclear subs everywhere *drool*

the 2 things i have learned while working in construction

1. CURSE often and loudly... it helps... a lot...

2. DRINK every night.... it also helps... a lot...

thats all for now ^_^

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09:25pm 20/08/2004

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09:09pm 20/08/2004
  i'm leaving for the city tomorrow morning. be there for about 2 weeks maybe. if anyone wants ta hang out gimme a call on the cell. number hasn't changed.  
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02:47pm 02/08/2004
  drove down to otakon this weekend with jessica n matt n got a speeding ticket. i didn't even see him. the speed limit in pennsylvania is apparently 55 unless otherwise posted, now i'm used to ny where most highways are 65 so when i went into penn n the speed limit changed i didn't slow down. thus i get pulled over for 77 in a 55. second time i've been pulled over for 22 over, boo. well there's $160 down the hole, maybe i should stop speeding... hahahaha, like that'll ever happen. so we get down to my aunt's house (she lives near baltimore), make small talk with her, get the house keys n go pick up steve from the airport. next morning we go to the con n see a huge ass line going around the convention center. it was scary. me, steve, n jessica had pre-reged n got our badges pretty quickly (only like an hr on line). matt jumped in at the last minute though n had to stand on the gi-normous line that spanned more than just the diameter on the conevention center. we got there around 8am he met up with us around lunch time. did stuff n picked up kat. saturday was mostly taken up by waiting on line for the l'arc en ciel concert, hr n a half in the blistering heat waiting to get in ick. it was a good concert at least. didn't do much on sunday cept shop n drive home. the drive home sucked cuz it was raining sheets. couldn't see most of the time. got home completely exhasted went to sleep n didn't wake up for my alarm this morning. missed the first hr of my class, bah.  
02:36pm 26/07/2004
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camping goodness   
02:36pm 19/07/2004
  went camping this weekend with jessica n eric n jessica's parents. went to the pig roast with howie's hunting group n tried bear for the first time (yummy). didn't get pushed in the river this year which was good, but that was kinda boring so i pushed eric in instead. well, i tried to anyway but he has a suprising amout of balance for someone so clumsy n caught himself before he fell all the way in. so we started flinging water at each other n both ended up soaking wet. jessica was pissed n threatened to leave us there cuz she didnt want us messing up her car going back to the campsite. she eventually relented though n we rode back sitting on towels cuz she wuuuuuuvvvvvvvs us ^_^. back at the campsite we changed into dry clothes n hung around the campfire roasting marshmallows and our clothes. basically we tried to dry our clothes by holding them over the fire, which actually worked suprisingly well but hurt our arms. eventually starting playing a drinking game involving uno and polished off 2 bottles of wine 3 bottles of beer n some vodka. would have kept going but ran out of alcohol . n this entry probably would have made a lil more sense had i remembered/wasn't too lazy to post about last year's camping trip... oh well.  
01:57pm 08/07/2004
  Best drive time NYC to Rochester: 4hrs 40mins. Hehe I went faster this time and I wasn't caught. ^_^ There was a new cop at the junction between 380 and 81 but I gave hime the slip. Good thing too, I shot past him going 96 in a 55. It may have been a lil faster than that since my speed varied anywhere between 90 and 110 on that trip. Took care of my speeding ticket from last month on Tuesday. Went to court talked to the judge n got off with just a traffic sign violation. The original ticket was for 87 in a 65 which is a 6 point violation, with the reduced charge i now only have a 2 point violation. heh heh heh. It was an hour drive to the court but it was worth it. Yeah I was home for the July 4th weekend but it was only ta do that stuff at the end of the mourning period. Went to the cemetary, did all the rituals and drove back to Rochester right afterward. No time to visit people but i'll try to do that when I go back to the city in August.  
life hates me   
12:02pm 05/06/2004
  i've always been told that having too much pride was terrible thing, but i've never felt it more keenly than i do now. the one time i take a stand and let my pride and stubborness take control of me, the one time i don't give in to my dad, has cost me my last chance to ever see my grandmother alive again.  
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11:15am 03/06/2004
  woohoo!!! got a 3.5 gpa for this quarter. meaning i'm not on acedemic probation anymore and i'm not getting suspended.

and for those of you in the city who wanted to see me, i'm sorry i'm not going home. i meant to but then i got into a fight with my dad which ended up with disowning him. yes, i disowned him. but i will be at otakon end of july so anyof u going can see me there. i miss u all!!!hmm... anyone wanna come up to rochester ta visit me? *gives puppy dog look*
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09:48am 18/05/2004
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